I can feel the cold breeze of Baguio in my cheeks. It’s been a while since I went to this place but it’s still the same bustling city that I used to know. There’s a lot of people, most of them are tourists, wearing jackets and beanies. Everything around me is perfectly normal. The only thing that’s different is: she’s here with me.

We starting walking towards the Mines View Observation Deck, due to the usual traffic going up there, we decided to just take a walk.

How can I forget that moment? Walking side by side with her, my heart beat loudly against my chest. I tried to hold her hand, but she moved it away. And then everything became blurry. The world suddenly turned black.

I opened my eyes.

“It was just a dream.” I muttered.

But it was so vivid. It felt so real, and oh, how I wish it was real.

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Daily Prompt: Vivid