One more day until Christmas.

One more day til I get to spend forty eight hours with my whole family.

And I wanna express my sincerest gratitude to everyone who’s been a part of my life,

To my Mom, who’s always been with us, who raised us as God fearing individuals, who taught us that in life, your goal is not to earn tons of money, but to be happy.

To my Dad, who is an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for acting as our father though most of the time you’re far away.

To my grandparents who always check on us every single day,  who is there in every step of the way, words can’t express my love for you.

To my whole family, thank you very much for everything. Although we had some misunderstandings this year, like what we always say, a family stays together.

To my friends who supports me and accept me for who I am,

To Phoebe, Hannah, Joana, Kim, Mikaela, Jeianne, there’s so many of you to mention. 😀

Also special thanks to my online friends, AinsworthShadya, and Sehee for giving me kind words that motivated me to write more.

To my section, 10-Purity, thank you for giving me the best school year ever!

To everyone, Advanced Merry Christmas! Thank you all for being a part of my year. Thank you for making it wonderful. I’m looking forward to spend this 2017 with all of you again. I love you guys!