“The trouble is, you think you have time.”

Last Monday, my dad gave me a watch. It took me a glance to know that it isn’t the kind of watch that can be bought for a few bucks. It is black and elegant and I love it. Dad said it was supposed to be thrown away at the place he works in, when he saw it, he asked his co worker if he can have it and he said yes.

That’s the story behind the watch I’ve wearing. But the answer I got wasn’t enough and I am now wondering, who was the person who originally owns this watch? Was she kind? Was she cheerful? Did she buy this watch for herself? Did someone give it to her as a gift? Does she like this watch? Did she leave it on purpose or just accidentally left it? But the most important question is, does she value time?

All these is nonsense. Maybe I just have an over-active imagination, but the thought that somewhere, someone is looking for something important to her, she still haven’t found it and time is running out for her, gives me a feeling of guilt and makes me shiver.