12:04 AM

I went outside to watch the annual Orionid meteor shower. The silver moon was shining. The weather forecaster was right. It will be hard to see the stars tonight. I stood there in front of our terrace, watching the night sky. Mosquitoes but me in every part of my body but I didn’t mind. As long as I can see shooting stars tonight.

12:10 AM

No luck. I just stood there and gazed at the stars. I smiled.

It’s strange how some things that are millions of lightyears away from you can make you feel happy.

It’s funny how we, on some ways are connected to each other. WE are made up of the same atom as the stars we see. We are created with these small atoms – atoms that make up Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton. Yet, we are still different in our own unique ways.

It’s hard to think that we are just a small part of this big galaxy consisting of millions of stars. Still, the Earth never fails to amuse us with its natural wonders and we never ran out of new adventures.

But, it’s more more complicated to think about how there’s seven billion people in this planet, and you only wish for one person to be with you at that moment.

With that last sentence, I went back to bed.

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Inspired by:  The Daily Post Prompts October 21, 2016- Millions