This is the first poem that I’m going to publish online. Hope you guys like it!


Fifteen years have passed

Since you shut yourself away

But still, here I am

Waiting for you everyday


Oh, darling, do you recall?

The way we danced in the fall?

Or the way we cuddled together?

During the cold snowy winter?


Have you read the letters I made?

That I slipped on your door?

Have you smelled the flowers I sent you?

Have you opened the gifts I gave you?


The truth is that, I miss you

I long to hold you close

Everyday I think about you

More than a decade have passed since I last saw you


Maybe your face is wrinkled

And your hair is as gray as mine

But darling, nothing can change how I feel

My love for you will last until the end of time


Here I am, knocking at your door again

Hoping you will answer, praying you will open it, for the last time

I’ve packed my bags and I’m leaving today

And I wish to see if you’re okay


But still, nobody answered

I went back to my car and heaved a sigh

A lone tear fell from my eye

Feeling a deep sorrow for my love that I know will never die


Inspired by: The Daily Post Prompts October 18- Waiting